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Four Upcoming Labour Law Bills that Can Change India's Business Landscape

Article by Shivangi Tokas, Edited by Aditya Bhushan.

India Inc. is ready once again. While it had fallen from the grace of the fastest growing country in the world due to the dual effects of demonitisation and COVID-19, the country might have just escaped its worst economic downturn and now seems to be pushing up.

However while there still are problems, due to the US-China trade war, several manufacturing hubs seem to be leaving China and setting up business in India.

But why did businesses leave out India and turn to China in the first place?

Turns out the problem lay in the tax and labour laws of our country. And, while we made a significant improvement in the tax laws (related read: professional tax in India), we still have a very old set of labour laws that are pushing India's manufacturing businesses in a very hard path - a path which prevents them from effectively competing with foreign businesses.

But India has taken notice and has redrafted its compilation of 44 major laws…

List Building: 32 Tactics to Skyrocket Your Email List From 0 (Infographic)

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What is a Business Model? And, How Yours Can be Revolutionary

Article by Eshani Jain.

What is a business model?

The term business model caught the buzz only a while ago but has been in use since ages.

Business models have only recently, become so sophisticated. However the importance of a business model is only increasing day by day. Think – Uber.

How does the world’s largest taxi company which doesn’t have to own a single taxi encounter losses each year? Well, the answer lies in its business model.

Why did people keep investing at Amazon even after it kept on getting losses years on end? The answer’s again in its business model.

And, why do some companies like Kodak get wiped out from the competition of consumer cameras even though it practically invented both the chemical and digital camera!?

Yet again, the answer is in the company failing to understand its business model.

It may seem hard to comprehend all of this right now, especially since you may not know much about the term, but let’s keep this in the back of our heads and keep reading.

Michael Le…