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Startup Funding in India: An In-Depth Guide

Article by  Eshani Jain . All businesses need a consistent and predictable stream of finance for their daily as well as long-term operations. Finance for short-term operations is known as working capital financing and long-term financing helps you manage and improve your startup’s finances . In this article, I will go through various ways in which your startup can raise money for itself. I will also break down each of the fund-raising processes and analyze the pros and cons of each steps. I will also briefly touch upon the legalities involved in each of the fund raising routes that startups can take. Startup Funding via Equity Finance Equity finance is the way of raising capital by selling the ownership of the company in the form of shares. In course of the initial stages of a company's growth, when it does not have sufficient revenues , cash flow, or assets to act as collateral, equity financing can attract capital from early-stage investors who are ready to take risks alo

What Is Bootstrapping? How to Tell If It’s Right for Your Small Business

Guest Post By Kayla Montgomery from I f you have ever thought of creating a new startup, you most likely already have an idea of what bootstrapping a business means. Bootstrapping basically means self-funding your startup from the start to the finish and reinvesting all earnings back into the business. Most businesses self-fund their company until their cash runs low, and eventually turning their focus on finding investors. If you are wanting to learn more about how funding works, you can check out our post on what funding is and how it works (explained through pie) .  Bootstrapping your business allows you to control every operation of your company, 100%. You are able to be your own boss and implement new innovated ideas whenever you choose too, but at a small price.  Remember, not thinking about the revenue flow of your business is one of the biggest startup mistakes you can make! Even though this sounds like an intimidating business model to par