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What constitutes Trademark Infringement in India: An In-depth Analysis

Article by Janhavi Dudam.

An owner of a trademark has the right either to use his trademark himself or assign it to others.

If the product and services used are identical or deceptively similar to which the mark is registered then it would constitute an infringement.

In the case of a registered trademark, the registered proprietor user may take action against the infringement.

But if a trademark is not registered, it is likely to maintain a common law remedy for passing off action.

Sec 29 of the Trademarks Act, 1999, provides that a registered trademark is infringed by an individual who, not being a registered owner or a registered user, uses a mark that is identical or deceptively similar to that of an equivalent product or services for which the mark is registered.

In this article, you will get to know when an act constitutes infringement of copyright, when it's teetering on the edge and when one's not infringing. So, let's get going!

How to Create Vision and Mission Statements for Your Startup: All You Need to Consider

Article by Namrata Ghosal, Edited by K. Manoggnya Reddy.

It is not easy to start a business. Nine of ten startups fail because of several reasons.

If you are the founder of a company or responsible for its management, you need to make sure a lot of things are in order - for example, having a proper business plan, communication, company culture and most importantly - a vision and mission statement.

The first question that may pop up in your mind is "What are the vision and mission statements?"

So, let's jump right into it -

How Augmented Reality Can Transform Your Startup

Article by Eshita Nandy.

Augmented Reality (AR) is taken into account as a way that mixes a live view of varied things in real-time with virtual computer-generated images, creating a real-time ‘Augmented’ experience of reality.
It's been one of the most important sectors of research for many years by scientists. Augmented reality seems like the technology of the near feature.

AR is going to change how business is done completely. 

The core advantage of business in using augmented reality for smartphones and tablets is that the hardware is available, and the usage is intuitive and easily understandable by the average consumer. Augmented reality can be applied to various industries as and when required.

Augmented reality has been a hot topic in software development circles for several years, but it’s getting renewed focus and has been in the spotlight because of the development of products like Google Glass.

While, AR has helped development of highly addictive games like Pok√©mon Go and fu…

Data Privacy Laws in India and Its Impact on Business

Article by Ankita Rathi, Edited by Chinmay Jain
Our privacy is invaded every time and everywhere due to the advancements in science and technology. Privacy is something that is an individual as well as a social value. Most of the privacy breaches and invasions and copyrights violations exist in cyberspace though they are invisible. 

Due to many media interventions, it has become very difficult for people to keep information that is confidential or even the anonymity of the conversations and many more things. Piracy is a lucrative business nowadays. However, the laws lag behind the digital revolution.

Data privacy is a part of information technology (IT). It helps the organizations and even the individuals to determine as to which information in the computer system can be shared with the third party. Data is one of the most important asset for the company.

As the economic activity related to data is increasing, many organizations find it essential to use, share, and collect data. In this d…

An Overview of Special Economic Zones in India

Article by Vedika Jhall, Edited by Chinmay Jain

Do you know what Special Economic Zones are? Does the question regarding its existence ever popped-up in your mind? Do you know why it’s necessary or if you can do business there? Has it been a successful policy for the country? 
And, can it be beneficial for you to start your business there?

Similar questions popped in my head when I heard about this term for the very first time. 

In this article, I will be providng an in-depth analysis on Special Economic Zones in India as well as try to analyse the benefits and disadvantages of setting up a business here.

What Are SEZs?Special Economic zones (SEZ) are areas that are provided with different laws for carrying on business and trade. In other words, these areas have separate business and trade laws from the rest of the country.

These Economic Zones are located within the national territorial area of a country. The purpose of these Economic Zones is to improve employment, trade balance, and inve…