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Best Sales Outreach Tools: 2022 (Review)

As sales professionals and entrepreneurs, we are always looking for the best tools to help us reach out more, convert leads collected and qualified by digital marketing processes and close more deals.  The benefits of these tools are clear and easy to comprehend. That said, not all tools can be good. In fact, many sales people fall for the hype surrounding any one tool without realizing that it might not provide the value expected from a given tool. If your sales outbound prospecting process is broken, salespeople aren't hitting their numbers, or you're drowning in sales leads then I have some sales tools recommendations for you. These tools are perfect for outreach, no-matter if your organization is B2B or B2C. A sales outreach process has two parts - Discovering new prospects / leads or finding more information on your current prospects; Reaching Out to Your Prospects or Leads and Sealing the Deal! While there is no one-stop shortcut, these sales outreach tools are sure to

9 Best Market Research Tools for All Your Needs: 2022 Review

A startup must know what its customers want. Otherwise, it is setting itself up for failure . That's why conducting thorough market research is a must for any product or service development process. Why Do You Need these Market Research Softwares / Tools? Market research helps show you who are interested in your product or service, where they are, how to reach these potential customers and how much they are willing to pay you. It is a continuous and on-going process that you use and reuse while you create your proof of concept , prototype, MVP and repeated product or service reiterations. It also helps you create your business strategy and improvise upon your business model and revenue model(s) . That said, here are the best of the best market research tools that are sure to ease the process out for you as well as speed it up, so that you can collect and analyze insights on the go. Market Research Tools for Various Purposes Best Tools to Analyze Pre-Existing Data, Understand Tre

Concept of Deceptive Similarity under Indian Trademark Law

Article by Varsha Chamakura . A Trademark is a visual symbol, a distinctive sign or indicator in the form of text or pictorial representation that sets a product apart from other products. It helps customers identify products which are manufactured or services that are provied by a certain person or business. The main function of a Trademark is to exclusively identify the source of products and services. Trademarks play an important role in building a company’s Brand name and Goodwill. It protects consumers from the aspects of confusion, deception and fraud. Trademarks also guarantee the maintenance of the quality of the product or service. They symbolize the quality of products, which gains the attention of the consumers. Hence, trademarks need to be protected to ensure that the quality of products is not hampered and also the welfare of the society is not disturbed. Though it is very essential and of great importance, it is also very vulnerable to being misused or inf

Sole Proprietorship vs One Person Company: Which Should You Go For in India?

Article by  Smrithi Shibichakravarthy. As an entrepreneur, managing your business single-handedly means that your business could be considered either as a sole proprietorship or as a one-person company (OPC).  Though both of these terms sound alike and have major similarities there are also a few very important differences which you need to be aware of in order to take your business down the path you’re looking for.  There are differences concerning entities, liabilities, taxation, and succession. Based on the type of business you’re running, and the business you one day want it to be, it’s important to understand these differences before declaring it as a sole proprietorship or OPC.  Through this article, you’ll be able to choose which one you want to go for in order to ultimately achieve your business goals.  What is a Sole  Proprietorship? To start with the basics, we need to understand the term ‘sole proprietorship’: The Government of India defines a sole proprietorship as a “on

Is The Quora Partner Program Going To Make Me Money?

So, you're looking to make some money by writing on Quora. And you've heard of the Quora Partner Program. But what is it? And, is it going to be worth your time? Well, let me give you the low down on everything you need to know about the Quora Partner Program. #1. What is Quora Partner Program? The Quora Partner Program is a way for writers on Quora to earn money from asking questions on Quora and attracting followers as well as other Quora users to write answers to those questions. If you get into the program, you'll be paid based on how many views and followers your answers get. How to join the Quora Partner Program? The Quora Partner program is invite-only. The exact requirements to join the Quora Partner Program are not known. In fact, a lot of people on the web give out a lot of conflicting answers. Here's what I think, you need to become eligible to receive Quora Partner Program invites. You'll need to have published at least 20 high-quality, original answers