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All About Single Letter Trademark under Indian Trade Marks Act, 1999

Article by Sarthak Potdar.

Intellectual Property is one of the most essential elements of the modern business. Intellectual property includes copyright, trademark, design, geographical indication, patent, industrial design, integrated circuit, which is a valuable asset of any company.
It tries to create healthy competition; the manufacturer and traders can develop their products more effectively, without any theft of goodwill and Intellectual Property.

Trade mark is a part and parcel of Intellectual Property Right. The Trade Marks Act, 1999 under Section 2 (zb) defines “trade mark” as a mark capable of being represented graphically and it is capable of differentiating the goods or services of one person from another and on the basis of goods, their packaging and combination, use of colours.

The definition of ‘mark’ under Section 2(m) of the Act states that which enumerates a mark to include a device, brand, heading, label, ticket, name, signature, word, letter, numeral, shape of goods, pa…

How Medical Professionals Can Brand Themselves in India

Article by Arpit Srivastava.

Healthcare professionals, in India, are placed at a pedestal higher than any other profession and are worshipped as gods, for them being lifesavers.
However, the gravity that each healthcare professional held 50-60 years ago is not the same now.

India currently has a total of 840,130 registered medical practitioners and produces 50,000 new doctors every year. Hence too many doctors to be worshipped! And this is where the competition creeps in and then it's all about who wins the Game of Branding!

A proper marketing and branding strategy is eminent to stay on par with your peers. For marketing, you should know your target crowd and devise out the strategy accordingly.

In India, the crowd is of 2 types and in 50-50 ratio; the ones who 'have' access to technology and the ones that 'have not'. And hence a separate strategy is to be devised for both.

For the technology accessible crowd, digital marketing has to be flawless. All the channels …

How Data Science Can Boost Your StartUp

Data science is no longer the privilege of big technology companies. It has been a part of almost all offline and online industries. Abstract Focusing on innovation and implementing a smarter work plan is the only way to lead a startup towards success, and adding data science consulting would be a wise step towards it.

This article will speak on how data science can help startups be successful with their specific goals.

It will also help all professionals, founders of start-up companies and especially beginners in this field learn how to implement advanced data science technologies in a start-up and provide examples of profitable data-driven solutions out there.

Article by Eshita Nandy.
Introduction Data is an integral part of almost all industries whether it be technical or non-technical.

Starting from the healthcare industry to the manufacturing industry, data science is quite popular nowadays. Many large scales, as well as small scale industries, are using predictive modelling for pl…

Why You Need to be Concerned About Copyright Law: Indian Edition

Article by Pulkit Arora.

Knowing the basics of Copyright law is imperative if you don’t want your business property to be stolen or made public. It also helps prevent you from unknowingly trespass on any other person or business’ copyright which can lead to disastrous consequences for both you and your business.

This Article deals with the principles of copyright law and practice and describes the different types of rights that copyright and related rights protect. It also briefly includes the copyright transfer and enforcement clauses. Copyright is an Intellectual Property Rights component and an exclusive legal right granted to the author upon the creation of a literary or musical or cinematographic work.
Infringement of copyright almost inevitably leads to legal consequence.
Here, an attempt is made to protect business from violation of copyright by applying different sections and case-laws of the Indian Copyright Act. This article is aimed at not only helping you get a brief underst…