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Services offered by WinSavvy

Services offered by WinSavvy - Market research service, business idea testing, legal compliances, contract drafting, patent and copyright registration, SEO services, social media marketing.

What We Do

WinSavvy is at its core, a very specific startup consultancy. We provide digital marketing services and corporate legal advisory and agreement drafting services to startups who have raised seed funding and/ or have raised or are about to raise a Series-A Funding Rounding.

Striving to be an organization, which promises the most value-for-money for all our clients, we know that we can not serve everyone. And, that's why, we only help businesses with only those services that we know will bring the highest ROI to the table.

And, that's why, we offer only a very limited corporate advisory and digital marketing services.

Plus, we are the only ones in the business whose services are marked with tangible deliverables that you can track at all times. This ensures that you can always track that your work is following the timelines as well as the deliverables, guaranteed.

It also helps you calculate the value-for-money that you were promised by us and check it with what you are getting.

So, here's how WinSavvy can help grow your startup!