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About Adhip and WinSavvy

Why was I not succeeding? Where was the money?

I had started blogging after being inspired by a post which talked about one making loads of cash online via affiliate marketing.

One year later, I stared blankly at the computer screen wondering where the cash I presumed I would get, was.

The reason, I could not make money was, as I later realised, blogging is a business. One's blog is his startup and the blogger is an entrepreneur. If you aspire to be a top-blogger and want to take your blog to the top, you got to think like an entrepreneur.

If you don't think like a business, your blog is not going to grow. That's when I realised blogging and business are not that different. In fact, blogging is pretty much like an island in an ocean, where the ocean is learning to think like a business.

That's the reason I launched WinSavvy. This blog is for bloggers and entrepreneurs alike.

While all entrepreneurs may not find the blogging, link building or SEO posts within their niche, a blogger needs to learn the intricacies of a startup and entrepreneurship too. A blogger needs to manage his time like a pro. He may also use apps to do that.

This blog has got all that.

And where am I at now?

Well, I don't mean to brag but I make quite a nice amount of money as of now. And since you are here, why don't you check out my services page, you know, if you want anything...

About WinSavvy

What We Offer

WinSavvy is a blog that is invested on offering you highly actionable, and detailed content on Entrepreneurship and Blogging. In fact, there is a featured post on their home page, which shows you how you should go through WinSavvy.


If you are interested, then subscribe to WinSavvy to stay updated on all the highest and the most premium quality stuff that we offer!

It doesn't matter if you are a blogger or an entrepreneur. After all a blogger is an entrepreneur too!

If you want to take your blog/website to the top, then WinSavvy is for you. If you are struggling as an entrepreneur, or want to learn more on entrepreneurship, then too, WinSavvy is for you.