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All About the Memorandum of Association: And How You Can Frame Yours (Indian Business Perspective)

Just like the Constitution is the fundamental document that governs the relations between a State and its people, a Memorandum of Association is the Constitution of a Company that governs the fundamental relations that exists between the company and the people including its shareholders, creditors, debenture-holders or others associated with the company. A Memorandum is a public document, which is why people who do business with the company are advised to go through it. Considering that a memorandum is the most important piece of text when it comes to incorporating a company, it is advisable you take the advice of a lawyer or a Corporate Secretary when you want to frame your business. That said, in this article, I will show you the main contents that has to be put in the Memorandum as well as how you can do it yourself and get it registered. Keep in mind that this article is mainly framed towards the Indian businesses and is a part of the Investing in India series  wherein