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About WinSavvy

About WinSavvy

What We Offer

WinSavvy is a blog that is invested on offering you highly actionable, and detailed content on Entrepreneurship and SEO. In fact, there is a featured post on their home page, which shows you how you should go through WinSavvy.

If you are interested, then subscribe to WinSavvy to stay updated on all the highest and the most premium quality stuff that we offer!

It doesn't matter if you are a blogger or an entrepreneur. After all a blogger is an entrepreneur too!

If you want to take your blog/website to the top, then WinSavvy is for you. If you are struggling as an entrepreneur, or want to learn more on entrepreneurship, then WinSavvy is for you.

Who We Are

WinSavvy has been founded by Adhip Ray and is partnered by Richaa Mukherjee.

Adhip had founded and had been blogging consistently for almost one whole year on technology at TechSavvy. And while he was going through another one of the SEO articles that he reads everyday, he thought that he could do better than all of that stuff out there on the Internet.

The person being referred to here, is Adhip Ray, and to be honest he has been inspired by the likes of Brian Dean and Neil Patel

In fact what aroused him most to start this blog is that Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko made a million dollars daily by churning out just 34 highly detailed and quality packed posts on SEO, most of which averaged around 4000 to 5000 words.
And at TechSavvy, where Adhip was (is) so committed on creating detailed posts, had 79 posts with a word count amounting to about 3000+ on reviews and comparisons. 
Plus, he thought that he could add more value to this blog than any other out yet on SEO and Entrepreneurship.

What was even more awkward that Adhip realised that all this enormous amounts of reading on SEO and Entrepreneurship had made him more knowledgable on SEO than he was on tech.

As such making a hurried team of two, Adhip and Richaa entered the SEO and Entrepreneurship blogosphere on the August 4, 2017. I think I should have added midnight, but that just ain't true! 😁


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Link Building for SEO: Introduction, Benefits and Strategies

What is Link Building and What are its Benefits
Link building is/are the array of different techniques that site owners, Search Engine Optimisers or even PR firms use to build links for sites/blogs.
The reason behind this is that Google has confirmed that links are one of the two most important factors when it comes to ranking search results in Google, the other one being content. While, I think that links are the most important factor, when it comes to growing a site's authority and increasing its rank through Google's SERP, there is no doubt of the immense importance of having quality links pointing to your blog / site.
In fact, it is utterly impossible to have your site find a notable rank in Google's search results if your site does not have any links pointing to it.
There are several strategies to build links, which you can try right now. But there are certain factors, that you need to keep in mind, when it comes to link building first. Important Factors about Links

The Ultimate Guide on Link Building for SEO

Building links is one of the most important step that you need to do to improve your site's overall ranking in Google searches.

In fact, Google has come out and said that links to a site is one of its two most important criteria for ranking websites, the other being content.

While Google has not specifically mentioned, which one of the two- content and links, is more important, I personally feel that links outweigh the importance of content.

The reason behind this is that I never found a site with about 18000 words of comprehensive content but minimal to no links outrank a site having several links but minimal content.

There is also the fact that links from authority sites bring a huge number of visitors. That's not all. If done correctly, links can lead to a whopping increase in conversion rates too.

In fact link has undisputed and supreme importance if you want to bring your site to prominence.

Without further ado let's move on and bring to the table some immensely actionable …

Hey There: Read this If You Are A New Visitor

First off, Thanks for ComingI won't be wasting much of your time blabbering. After all, that's what the About Page is all about. I would just like to share with you how you should and can go through the WinSavvy blog.

I just created this post to make it a little bit easier for you to gain traction on and about whatever we have to offer.
WinSavvy offers three types of contents- In-Depth ContentShort Term ContentAnalysisIn short, the in-depth content is actionable stuff, that throws deep analysis on how you can leverage a strategy to grow your blog, website or business. 
The Complementary Content adds support to the in-depth content by making it easier for you to implement stuff. To grow your blog or business, it is imperative that you read through both.
As for analysis, it contains explanation on terms like Domain Authority, Page Rank, Alexa Rank and also contains thoughts and analysis about say, which business would be best for you or what niche your blog should be on.

Check out thi…