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Lead Generation on LinkedIn: Build Leads on LinkedIn Consistently

LinkedIn boasts over 810 million members, and according to the Microsoft's purchase of it in 2016, LinkedIn is valued at $26.2 billion. The company receives over 1 billion interactions every month.  That number is expected to grow as LinkedIn continues to incorporate more of the workforce into using the platform. Why Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. With over 500 million members, it allows users to connect with one another based on their professional interests and experience.  It's also been designed to be incredibly search-engine friendly; this means that when people are looking for products or services, they're likely to turn to LinkedIn first as they look for reviews and recommendations from professionals they trust.  And unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is all about helping professionals connect with one another professionally—it's not a place where you

25 Ways to Get More Views and Engagement on Your Instagram Reels (Fast!)

If you're interested in growing your Instagram account, one of the most effective ways to do it is by using their Instagram Reels. Apart from several other functions, it helps your account differentiate itself. In our previous post on how to use Instagram Reels for Businesses, more specifically small businesses , I explained what they were, how to use them and how it could help grow your business. In this post, I'll analyze how to get more views to your Instagram Reels, because, let's face it - there's no use making Reels if you can't get views to them and drive up your engagement levels. Getting more views on your own video reels can be challenging, but we got several Instagram pros who are going to share their experience on how to get more views to your Instagram reels! So, let's get going! #1. Picking an effective time of day for posting your reel Keenan Beavis , founder of Longhouse Media , one of Canada's largest marketing agencies shares “picking an