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3Ps in Marketing - The New Marketing Mix

We all know of the 4Ps in marketing . They make up the classical marketing mix. They are product, price, place (location where the products or services are marketed) and promotion (how the products or services are marketed). But, recently there's a clamour growing regarding a new set of marketing mix - one, that revolves around 3Ps. So, I did some digging. Surprisingly, I found that while this is true, most marketers do not agree on what the 3Ps are! Well, in simple terms, they are a new set of metrics based on which a marketing campaign should be tied to. While most disagree as to the constituents of the metrics, I have found that the 3Ps in marketing that are most favoured are -  People Personalization, and Permission. That said, let's uncover these marketing 3Ps and understand how they can relate to your marketing campaign. What are the 3Ps in Marketing? When you market a product or service, you need to have several factors in mind - what channels you are going to use, how w

12 Tips To Uncovering a Great Digital Marketing Agent / Agency

A lot of companies, big and small, are in need of a digital marketing agent. It's not surprising considering the benefits of having a digital presence. This can help grow your business exponentially. Digital marketing is the ultimate arena for businesses looking to expand. It gives you the opportunity to tap into new markets and connect with your customers like never before. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or resources to do it themselves so they have to hire an agency to do it for them. Digital marketing agents are becoming more common in the United States. It’s important to understand what makes them different from digital marketing agencies, and why you might choose one over the other for your business. What is a digital marketing agent? Digital marketing agents are often freelancers and consultants who specialize in certain areas of expertise - such as social media management or pay-per-click advertising - so if you need someone who can do all these things at once, th

Using Instagram Reels for Business - The Definitive Guide

Instagram introduced its Reels way back in 2020. Although it had a slow adoption rate, Instagram reels are blowing up right now!   It seems Instagram has gotten its algorithms just right and if you’re serious about growing your business on Instagram, you definitely have to try out reels for your small business! What are Instagram Reels? Instagram reels are kind-of like a mashup of Stories and in-feed posts that Instagram had for so long. They are video clips that do not follow the usual Instagram ratios. They are vertically shaped and take up the entire screen of your phone.   Although they share a similar vibe as that of Instagram stories, they let your audience follow you much easily – they have a follow button right next to your account name, so as to allow your audience to follow your account without having to move away from the reels.   Plus, they let your audience shuffle through yours as well as others’ reels, in a similar fasion as that of Tiktok for You!   Plus it

7 Key Ways How Law Firms are Marketing Themselves: Disclosed!

Marketing your law firm is no easy task. While a huge percentage of individuals and businesses search for lawyers and law firms online, most law firms are not prepared when it comes to taking their business digital. Of course, juggling a law firm management, handing your legal practice is never an easy task. Adding to that, digital marketing often takes a long time to present visible ROI (unless it's via PPC ads ). As such, most lawyers are confused as to how they should begin or go ahead with marketing their law firm. And the best way to learn that would be from other lawyers and law firms themselves.  This learning shouldn't be limited to just the successes by law firms, but should cover the challenges faced by law firms, the marketing plans made by lawyers, how lawyers are approaching their marketing needs - whether they are doing it in-house or outsourcing their marketing needs, and of course, the success and failures faced by the law firms and legal practitioners. To get