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How Augmented Reality Can Transform Your Startup

Article by Eshita Nandy . Augmented Reality (AR) is taken into account as a way that mixes a live view of varied things in real-time with virtual computer-generated images, creating a real-time ‘Augmented’ experience of reality. It's been one of the most important sectors of research for many years by scientists. Augmented reality seems like the technology of the near feature. AR is going to change how business is done completely.  The core advantage of business in using augmented reality for smartphones and tablets is that the hardware is available, and the usage is intuitive and easily understandable by the average consumer. Augmented reality can be applied to various industries as and when required. Augmented reality has been a hot topic in software development circles for several years, but it’s getting renewed focus and has been in the spotlight because of the development of products like Google Glass. While, AR has helped development of highly addictive game

How to Register Trademarks in India - The Complete Guide

Article by Pulkit Arora . Edited by Richaa Mukhopadhyay Guess what distinguishes Apple from Samsung? It's not their products that are the differentiating factor, but their brand. A brand is built up of several constituents such as the name, logo etc. And, trademark is what protects the brand name which helps your products/ services distinguish themselves from the others. Trademarks are very essential tools because it allows companies to protect their product’s reputation. Trademarks are part of IPR (Intellectual property right). In this article, I shall discuss about the registration process of the trademark and also the advantages to register the trademark. Trademarks convey to us valuable information about the source and distinct product characteristics. Trademarks are also effective advertising tools and the grounds for market competition. The trademarks identify with price, health and even a sense of belonging in the minds of consumers for the goods. Trademark is

How to Localize your Business for The Indian Market: (In 2022)

Over 1.35 billion people live in India. It's the world's second most populous country. This makes the country very attractive to many businesses with a wide range of products and services to sell. The thing is - the Indian market is huge and full of potential. The people have a real strong purchase power and therefore the market is saturated with untapped potential.  However, a number of foreign companies have had problems penetrating the Indian market and taking advantage of the large, lucrative, business potential and opportunities that exist there. One of the reasons more major companies have not been able to make inroads into and become successful at doing business in India is because they often attempt to impose traditional business practices and models on the local population. Learn the Indian Way Of Doing Business Traditional global best-practices don't work in the Indian market. Companies that have tried typical global business models like sole ow