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Best WordPress Hosting Convesio: 2022 Review

We've all heard of the predominant players in the wordpress hosting industry - Bluehost, Hostinger, HostGator etc. But, there is a new WordPress hosting platform that's doing the rounds over the Internet and is touted as the best hosting for WordPress out there, known as Convesio. The software is fairly new and brings with itself certain key features that makes it an interesting web hosting solution. But we wanted to know- Is Convesio the Best WordPress Hosting Platform? What we found - Convesio IS the best WordPress hosting for mid-sized Internet businesses or startups looking to scale fast without any hiccups brought about by the WordPress hosting. Convesio is Not the Best WordPress Hosting Company for Beginner Bloggers and ... It's not for beginner bloggers or bloggers who are in it as a hobby. If you don't expect to generate revenue, within 6 months at the maximum, then Convesio isn't for you. However, if you have a business that you wish to take online, then C

How to Effectively Protect Your Start-Up from Hackers and Other Online Adversaries

Article by Julie Hughes of TurnOnVPN . Starting your own business can be exciting, but the road to becoming an entrepreneur is thickly sown with thorns. In the age of the internet, one of the biggest challenges start-ups face is cybersecurity. And while cyberattacks targeting government agencies and big corporations garner the headlines, it’s the tech-driven start-ups and small businesses that are often far more vulnerable to digital intrusion. Recent reports show that small businesses, including start-ups, are the target of 43 percent of cyber-attacks. The excitement around young, innovative companies creates a false sense of security leading to complacency towards cybersecurity. Most start-ups don’t even start thinking about cybersecurity until they are targeted. In this article, we tell you why you should take your start-up’s cybersecurity seriously and some proactive steps you can take to mitigate the risks. The Cost of a Data Breach For a large organization, a cy

How Augmented Reality Can Transform Your Startup

Article by Eshita Nandy . Augmented Reality (AR) is taken into account as a way that mixes a live view of varied things in real-time with virtual computer-generated images, creating a real-time ‘Augmented’ experience of reality. It's been one of the most important sectors of research for many years by scientists. Augmented reality seems like the technology of the near feature. AR is going to change how business is done completely.  The core advantage of business in using augmented reality for smartphones and tablets is that the hardware is available, and the usage is intuitive and easily understandable by the average consumer. Augmented reality can be applied to various industries as and when required. Augmented reality has been a hot topic in software development circles for several years, but it’s getting renewed focus and has been in the spotlight because of the development of products like Google Glass. While, AR has helped development of highly addictive game

How Data Science Can Boost Your StartUp

Data science is no longer the privilege of big technology companies. It has been a part of almost all offline and online industries. Abstract Focusing on innovation and implementing a smarter work plan is the only way to lead a startup towards success, and adding data science consulting would be a wise step towards it. This article will speak on how data science can help startups be successful with their specific goals. It will also help all professionals, founders of start-up companies and especially beginners in this field learn how to implement advanced data science technologies in a start-up and provide examples of profitable data-driven solutions out there. Article by Eshita Nandy. Introduction Data is an integral part of almost all industries whether it be technical or non-technical. Starting from the healthcare industry to the manufacturing industry, data science is quite popular nowadays. Many large scales, as well as small scale industries, are using pre