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How Developers Can Register Themselves with RERA: An In-Depth Guide

Article by Avani Parnami. Edited by Chinmay Jain.

Non registration of RERA can be disastrous for your business as there are several liabilities involved.

However, land in India is a subject matter of state list under seventh schedule of the constitution and ‘Transfer of property other than agricultural land’, ‘ registration of deeds and documents’ and ‘ contracts other than for agriculture land’ fall under the concurrent list  of the constitution.

In India there are several real estate laws which are governed and impacted by state specific laws and federal laws. However, by the time you reach the end of this article, you will know how you can register yourself with RERA without any issues!

Now, the following are some of the key laws or legislations governing real estate-
The Transfer of property act, 1882- This acts deals with concepts of movable and immovable property such as sale, exchange, mortgage, lease etc. This act is a central act and the states have to adopt the provisions of this…

All About Independent Directors under Indian Company Law

Article by Laghima Jain.

Independent Directors were introduced in the Companies Act, 2013, after the need for a strong framework of corporate governance arose for better functioning of the company. The Companies Act, 1956 (hereinafter the Act of 1956), never had the provision of introducing an independent director of the company to bring transparency.

However, in 1999 the Kumar Managalam Birla committee constituted by SEBI mentioned to the Board the appointment of such a director who may give some views distinct from others and in favour of the growth of the company. It was followed by filling the seats of independent directors by some related persons of the company.

After considering various loopholes in the 1956 Act, there was a need to update the Act for making it globally complying and for protection of the interest of the investors as well as consumers. Satyam Scam and other loopholes led the government to formulate various corporate regulatory frameworks and the enactment of Compan…

How You Can Register Copyright in the US

Article by Pratibha Jha What is Copyright?
Copyright also known as Author’s Right, is described as a legal term which means the right that creators have over their work that ranges from artistic to technical drawings.

Copyright protects the original works of authorship, more specifically the ‘’form of material expression’’.

Although copyright accounts as an intangible asset, it can only be protected if presented in tangible form i.e, by applying at the Copyrights Office of the concerned state.

Concerning the US, registration is not necessary but it can be protected by fixing them into tangibles that are perceptible either directly or with the help of any machine or device.

In this article, I will show you the importance of registering, procedure of registration, rights of the author, statutory advantages, and other relevant information which can be beneficial for filing for copyright towards your work or your start-ups.
Why is it Advisable to Register for Copyright?It is generally advised by…