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What is Domain Authority (DA) and How You Can Increase It?

I guess you are a new blogger as most people new to this field have this basic query.

Google ranks search results based on a clever algorithm that uses machine learning and has about 245 factors to rank a webpage.
Previously, they used to show, how strong a webpage was based on this factor and it was called Pagerank (PR). However, some time back, Google closed it down and even though Google's algorithm works on the PR of individual sites, they don't show the PR of a website to the public.
This caused site-owners to be left without any thing that they could use to check their site power and authority over the internet.
Note: If you now search for tools to show you your PR, the tools will show you your site's PR, before Google struck it down. Therefore, if you created your blog or website after Google stopped showing the PR, you will most likely find that your blog has a Pagerank of 0, which is completely normal and doesn't at all reflect your blog.In this post, I will show …