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Lead Generation on LinkedIn: Build Leads on LinkedIn Consistently

LinkedIn boasts over 810 million members, and according to the Microsoft's purchase of it in 2016, LinkedIn is valued at $26.2 billion. The company receives over 1 billion interactions every month.  That number is expected to grow as LinkedIn continues to incorporate more of the workforce into using the platform. Why Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. With over 500 million members, it allows users to connect with one another based on their professional interests and experience.  It's also been designed to be incredibly search-engine friendly; this means that when people are looking for products or services, they're likely to turn to LinkedIn first as they look for reviews and recommendations from professionals they trust.  And unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is all about helping professionals connect with one another professionally—it's not a place where you

Is The Quora Partner Program Going To Make Me Money?

So, you're looking to make some money by writing on Quora. And you've heard of the Quora Partner Program. But what is it? And, is it going to be worth your time? Well, let me give you the low down on everything you need to know about the Quora Partner Program. #1. What is Quora Partner Program? The Quora Partner Program is a way for writers on Quora to earn money from asking questions on Quora and attracting followers as well as other Quora users to write answers to those questions. If you get into the program, you'll be paid based on how many views and followers your answers get. How to join the Quora Partner Program? The Quora Partner program is invite-only. The exact requirements to join the Quora Partner Program are not known. In fact, a lot of people on the web give out a lot of conflicting answers. Here's what I think, you need to become eligible to receive Quora Partner Program invites. You'll need to have published at least 20 high-quality, original answers

8 Content Amplification Tips to Maximize Lead Generation

Guest Post by Elyse Flynn Meyer, president & founder, Prism Global Marketing Solutions. We hear from marketers that they don't have time to create quality downloadable content in high quantities. And that makes sense. Creating a quality piece of content requires planning, research, interviews, writing, editing, and editing some more.   It's not feasible to think that a single marketer can develop a new piece of fresh, viral content every week. However, suppose you're using the process of content amplification. In that case, you can start to leverage your downloadable content to create new and fresh content for your blog, social, email, website, and more. And, this brings us to content amplification.   What is content amplification?  Content amplification is a multichannel approach to increase your brand's reach and encourage your audience to move seamlessly through your marketing and sales funnel with fresh content. How can you start to use your latest eBook or w

What You Need to Know before You Hire SEO Services: Industry Review

Most people face a lot of difficulty in hiring SEO's, especially ones that deliver. And the problem is even more when it comes to small businesses and startups as they can't do it in-house and have to outsource the matter to a third-party consultant. We, at WinSavvy, are a startup consultancy and do offer our clients SEO services . In many of our meets, we found out that clients were usually disappointed by previous hires. We believed that this was primarily because of lack of data-backed deliverables and guaranteed results. However we wanted a fuller picture. And that's why we asked several small businesses who were looking to outsource their SEO work, the following questions- Why are you looking to outsource your SEO?  What are your greatest challenges in the process?  What are your main frustrations?  What are you afraid of?  What's most important to you?  What do you spend money on?  What results are you looking for? Without further ado, let's get to the respons