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7 Key Ways How Law Firms are Marketing Themselves: Disclosed!

Marketing your law firm is no easy task. While a huge percentage of individuals and businesses search for lawyers and law firms online, most law firms are not prepared when it comes to taking their business digital. Of course, juggling a law firm management, handing your legal practice is never an easy task. Adding to that, digital marketing often takes a long time to present visible ROI (unless it's via PPC ads ). As such, most lawyers are confused as to how they should begin or go ahead with marketing their law firm. And the best way to learn that would be from other lawyers and law firms themselves.  This learning shouldn't be limited to just the successes by law firms, but should cover the challenges faced by law firms, the marketing plans made by lawyers, how lawyers are approaching their marketing needs - whether they are doing it in-house or outsourcing their marketing needs, and of course, the success and failures faced by the law firms and legal practitioners. To get

What You Need to Know before You Hire SEO Services: Industry Review

Most people face a lot of difficulty in hiring SEO's, especially ones that deliver. And the problem is even more when it comes to small businesses and startups as they can't do it in-house and have to outsource the matter to a third-party consultant. We, at WinSavvy, are a startup consultancy and do offer our clients SEO services . In many of our meets, we found out that clients were usually disappointed by previous hires. We believed that this was primarily because of lack of data-backed deliverables and guaranteed results. However we wanted a fuller picture. And that's why we asked several small businesses who were looking to outsource their SEO work, the following questions- Why are you looking to outsource your SEO?  What are your greatest challenges in the process?  What are your main frustrations?  What are you afraid of?  What's most important to you?  What do you spend money on?  What results are you looking for? Without further ado, let's get to the respons

Best Business Intelligence Tools (in 5 Categories): 2022 BI Software Review

Currently, businesses are facing a more competitive environment. Businesses are getting more data every day and they cannot afford to be late in making good use of them.  Business intelligence is the management of large sets of data to make sense out of it by providing insights and information to business owners and decision makers.  All this leads us to a lot of new business intelligence tools which will help you monitor your business on a day-to-day basis. In this post, we will look at five best BI tools in 2022 so that you can make the most out of your data collection and analysis efforts. These five tools are the best in five different categories and are aimed at ensuring you can choose the best tool for the need that you have the most. With that said, let's begin! Related Read: BI tools are great when it comes to conducting market research . However, there are unique and specially developed market research tools available as well, which might be better for your requirements,