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What You Need to Know before You Hire SEO Services: Industry Review

Most people face a lot of difficulty in hiring SEO's, especially ones that deliver. And the problem is even more when it comes to small businesses and startups as they can't do it in-house and have to outsource the matter to a third-party consultant. We, at WinSavvy, are a startup consultancy and do offer our clients SEO services . In many of our meets, we found out that clients were usually disappointed by previous hires. We believed that this was primarily because of lack of data-backed deliverables and guaranteed results. However we wanted a fuller picture. And that's why we asked several small businesses who were looking to outsource their SEO work, the following questions- Why are you looking to outsource your SEO?  What are your greatest challenges in the process?  What are your main frustrations?  What are you afraid of?  What's most important to you?  What do you spend money on?  What results are you looking for? Without further ado, let's get to the respons

LLP vs LLC Taxation: Which Gets Better Taxation in US?

So you have a business in mind, or are probably running a business in the form of a sole-propreitorship. Now, you want to incorporate it. Well, that's a smart choice. Incorporating a business lets you avoid all the legal liabilities that may arise! It becomes the liability of the business structure based upon the organization that you have chosen. There are several business legal structures in the US and the choice of going with one than the other should be based upon a number of factors, chief among them being, the type of business you operate. Second in that list of important factors to consider, is the matter of taxation. As a business owner, it is important that you pay careful attention to your business' finances and ensure the cash outflows are kept to a minimum . This also means you need to ensure your business pays the least tax legally possible. For that reason, two of the business organizations most favoured by startups are Limited Liability Companies and Limited Lia

How Business Owners Manage their Working Capital: 11 Unique Industries!

Managing working capital of a business is an art and science in and of itself. And, in fact there is a lot to learn if you are new in that regard. While there are several resources on the topic , this article is not for the uninitiated. This article is mainly geared towards those individuals who are already aware of the basics of working capital. This article is meant to show to you how businesses in several different industries manage their working capital. Now, the question you might be asking, is - why is this important? Well, in the present times, with constantly changing business models  and innovations in revenue models , it is of quite importance to be well aware of how different businesses in other industries apart from your own operate as well. Occasionally that may turn out to help you bring the best of both worlds when you are working on your own business. As such, considering the immense importance of a working capital strategy in your startup's finance , it is importan