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Contribute, Guest Post, Write for Us: WinSavvy


Yeah! I know, the headline's kinda odd. I was just stuffing the various keywords, one may Google for.

Anyways, if you want to contribute for WinSavvy and help the community, here's a few things that you should know.

At WinSavvy, we catagorise our posts into three main divisions:
  1. In-Depth
  2. Short Term
  3. Analysis
Short Term doesn't necessarily mean short posts. In-Depth posts are guides and anything other than in-depth and analysis are catagorised into short term.

Analysis-type-of-posts are usually case studies, or analysis of how top bloggers succeeded or may be even interviews.

Who knows?

Just got to be creative! Hehe!

And, if you want to write for WinSavvy, please send case studies, list posts, actionable content, or discussions of 1500 words length at least to

As for images, you should own them, or they should be under creative commons license. Apart from that, I love step by step screenshots too!

What's in this For You

You get one contextual backlink and one backlink from the author bio. However, the contextual backlink should be relevant.

And, you get branding.

And, lots of love! 

I reply to all guest post pitches and will let you know within a week if your guest post is accepted or rejected or is in the waiting list. So, no probs there.

How to Send me Your Pitch

Well, nothing difficult here.
All you got to do, is send me your topics ideas (preferably two, or more, to increase your chances).

You could also send me a finished draft, if you want to be quick about getting published. And, please, no less than 1500 words. :(

Guest posting is supposed to operate in a give-and-take policy. Therefore, you should make it easier for me. I do not want to spend an hour editing your spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

That's why, please take time to spellcheck and proofread your content.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit me up and send me your pitch!

A Word of Caution

Guest posting isn't the means of advertising or writing about your brand. If you try to promote your brand or business in the guest post, it shall be rejected. 

A contextual and relevant backlink is fine. But, tailoring the post in order to get a backlink to your homepage or services page, isn't fine. 

We have an advertise section for that.


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