How Bedrock Energy Can Boost their Website Traffic to 100k in 6 Months! (Our Take!)

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In order to reach this goal, a single four-pronged strategy is what would be needed. Here’s what we suggest –

#1. On-Page SEO Plan for Bedrock Energy

Bedrock Energy does not have any blog articles. As Bedrock Energy starts to scale, it needs to focus more on inbound marketing and it also needs to come off as a thought-leader in the space.

As such, we recommend that you try and scale up your content to 1000 in the shortest possible time.

Here is a list of 100 blog post title suggestions along with relevant keywords that you can use to fix it. You can create it pretty fast if you use AI along with content editors (but take care, the articles have to be carefully optimized to improve readability and more importantly, insert internal links for faster indexing by Google) –

  1. “Harnessing the Earth’s Power: The Basics of Geothermal Heating and Cooling”
  2. “Transforming Urban Landscapes with Sustainable Geothermal Solutions”
  3. “Geothermal Energy: A Pathway to Decarbonized Cities”
  4. “Innovative Drilling Technologies Making Geothermal Accessible”
  5. “The Benefits of Geothermal Systems for Modern Real Estate”
  6. “Geothermal Heating and Cooling: Efficient, Clean, and Cost-Saving”
  7. “The Role of Geothermal Energy in Achieving Net Zero Targets”
  8. “Understanding the Impact of Geothermal on Energy Performance”
  9. “Why Geothermal Energy is the Future of Building Sustainability”
  10. “Navigating the Geothermal Installation Process for Urban Developments”
  11. “The Environmental and Economic Advantages of Geothermal Energy”
  12. “The Silent Revolution: Geothermal Systems for Quiet and Luxurious Comfort”
  13. “Exploring the Safety Benefits of Geothermal HVAC Systems”
  14. “Geothermal Energy: The Ultimate Solution for Carbon-Free HVAC”
  15. “Advancing Borehole Construction for Fast, Efficient Geothermal Deployment”
  16. “Predictable Performance: Data Algorithms and Geothermal Design”
  17. “Geothermal Heating: A Cost-Effective Alternative for Winter Comfort”
  18. “From Fossil Fuels to Geothermal: Transitioning to Cleaner Energy”
  19. “The Science Behind Geothermal Energy: How It Works and Why It Matters”
  20. “Cutting-Edge Geothermal Technologies Transforming the Energy Landscape”
  21. “How Geothermal Systems Contribute to Healthier Indoor Air Quality”
  22. “The Competitive Edge of Geothermal in the Renewable Energy Market”
  23. “Maximizing Space Efficiency with Underground Geothermal Solutions”
  24. “Geothermal for All: Making Renewable Heating and Cooling Universal”
  25. “Building the Future: Integrating Geothermal into New Construction”
  26. “The Financial Incentives Driving the Adoption of Geothermal Energy”
  27. “Geothermal Retrofitting: Revitalizing Existing Buildings for the Future”
  28. “Long-Term Benefits of Investing in Geothermal Energy Systems”
  29. “Overcoming the Challenges of Urban Geothermal Implementation”
  30. “Geothermal Energy: The Unseen Revolution Under Our Feet”
  31. “Leveraging Machine Learning for Optimal Geothermal Energy Use”
  32. “Enhancing Real Estate Value with Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems”
  33. “Geothermal Energy Savings: A Comparative Analysis with Traditional HVAC”
  34. “The Quiet Comfort of Geothermal Systems in Residential Buildings”
  35. “Achieving Energy Independence with Geothermal Heating and Cooling”
  36. “The Role of Advanced Algorithms in Geothermal Energy Planning”
  37. “How Geothermal Energy is Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Buildings”
  38. “The Economic Case for Switching to Geothermal Energy”
  39. “Rethinking HVAC: The Shift Towards Geothermal Solutions”
  40. “Geothermal Energy for Large Buildings: A Smart Investment”
  41. “The Intersection of Luxury and Sustainability in Geothermal HVAC”
  42. “Tapping into Geothermal Energy for Long-Term Cost Savings”
  43. “The Evolution of Drilling: Speeding Up Geothermal Energy Access”
  44. “Designing for Efficiency: The Art of Geothermal Loop Fields”
  45. “Geothermal: The Clean Energy Solution Hiding in Plain Sight”
  46. “From Theory to Practice: Real-World Applications of Geothermal Energy”
  47. “Why Geothermal Heat Pumps are the Future of Sustainable Heating”
  48. “Geothermal Energy as a Pillar of Sustainable Urban Development”
  49. “The Financial and Environmental Payoff of Geothermal Energy”
  50. “Geothermal Heating: The Renewable Energy Source You Need to Know”
  51. “The Advantages of Geothermal Energy in Cold Climates”
  52. “Demystifying Geothermal: Clearing Up Common Misconceptions”
  53. “Building a Greener Tomorrow with Geothermal Energy Innovations”
  54. “How Geothermal Energy Stands Up to Extreme Weather Conditions”
  55. “The Untapped Potential of Geothermal Energy in Urban Areas”
  56. “Laying the Groundwork: Best Practices in Geothermal Installation”
  57. “The Future is Below: Exploring the Depths of Geothermal Energy”
  58. “How Geothermal Energy is Shaping the Next Wave of Smart Buildings”
  59. “Redefining Comfort: The Luxurious Appeal of Geothermal Climate Control”
  60. “Geothermal Energy: The Key to Unlocking Cleaner, Greener Buildings”
  61. “The Robustness of Geothermal Systems in Diverse Geological Conditions”
  62. “Geothermal Energy: Meeting the Heating and Cooling Needs of Tomorrow”
  63. “Building Resilience with Geothermal Energy Systems”
  64. “Geothermal Energy: A Primer for Homeowners and Developers”
  65. “The Business Case for Adopting Geothermal HVAC Solutions”
  66. “A Deep Dive into the Cost-Benefit Analysis of Geothermal Energy”
  67. “Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Geothermal Heating and Cooling”
  68. “The Seamless Integration of Geothermal Systems in Modern Architecture”
  69. “Breaking New Ground: The Latest Advances in Geothermal Technology”
  70. “How Geothermal Energy is Contributing to Global Decarbonization Goals”
  71. “The Practicality of Geothermal Energy for Sustainable Living”
  72. “Exploring the Synergy Between Geothermal Energy and Smart Homes”
  73. “Geothermal Energy: From Niche to Mainstream in Heating and Cooling”
  74. “The Versatility of Geothermal Energy Across Different Building Types”
  75. “Dispelling the Myths: The Truth About Geothermal Energy Efficiency”
  76. “Geothermal Energy: A Key Player in the Clean Energy Transition”
  77. “The Sustainability Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling”
  78. “Why Geothermal Energy is a Smart Choice for Eco-Friendly Developers”
  79. “The Allure of Geothermal: Luxurious, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly”
  80. “Geothermal Energy: The Hidden Gem of Renewable Heating and Cooling”
  81. “The Geothermal Advantage: Combating Climate Change with Clean Energy”
  82. “A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Geothermal Heating Systems”
  83. “Investing in the Future: Geothermal Energy for Sustainable Development”
  84. “Geothermal Energy: A Sustainable Solution to Urban Heating Challenges”
  85. “The Comprehensive Impact of Geothermal Energy on Real Estate Valuation”
  86. “Geothermal Systems: Redefining the Standards of Comfortable Living”
  87. “The Eco-Friendly Power of Geothermal Heating in Cold Climates”
  88. “How Geothermal Energy is Revolutionizing Energy Performance in Buildings”
  89. “The Economic Incentives That Make Geothermal Energy Attractive”
  90. “Sustainable Urban Planning with Geothermal Energy Integration”
  91. “The Global Rise of Geothermal Energy in Building Decarbonization”
  92. “Geothermal Energy: Providing Sustainable Heating Solutions Year-Round”
  93. “The Green Makeover: How Geothermal is Transforming Old Buildings”
  94. “How Geothermal Energy Systems Work in Harmony with Nature”
  95. “Building a Net Zero Future with Geothermal Energy Solutions”
  96. “Geothermal Energy: A Cleaner Alternative to Traditional HVAC Systems”
  97. “The Role of Geothermal in Reducing Urban Heat Islands”
  98. “Unlocking the Power of the Earth with Advanced Geothermal Technologies”
  99. “The Silent Revolution: How Geothermal Energy is Changing Heating and Cooling”
  100. “Geothermal Energy: The Renewable Solution for Modern and Efficient Buildings”

#2. Off-page SEO Plan for Bedrock Energy

Bedrock Energy has a low Domain Authority and Domain Rating. It’s Ahrefs’ DR is 15.

We suggest reaching out to blogs in the industry, asking to guest post. With the influx of GPT4 and other content marketing software, most blogs are not too agreeable to this suggestion, so you may need to keep some marketing budget aside for payments for backlink insertions and guest post placements.

However, you should hire a seasoned SEO guy for this as you don’t want to get backlinks from the wrong websites, as that can harm your website by adding to its spam score.

Here’s a list of 50 high quality and relevant blogs in your niche that you should try to guest post at:

  1. CleanTechnica
  2. GreenTech Media
  3. The Energy Mix
  4. TreeHugger – Energy
  5. Renewable Energy World
  6. – Energy Saver Blog
  7. Green Building Elements
  8. Grist – Climate & Energy
  9. Inhabitat – Environment
  10. EarthTechling
  11. The Green Living Guy
  12. EcoWatch – Renewable Energy
  13. Sustainable Energy for All
  14. Next City – Environment
  15. Eco-Business
  16. Green Building Advisor
  17. Triple Pundit
  18. The Energy Collective
  19. The Guardian – Environment
  20. Greentech Media
  21. BuildingGreen
  22. Yale Environment 360
  23. Earth & Industry
  24. Alternative Energy News
  25. Institute for Energy Research
  26. GreenBiz
  27. The Conversation – Environment + Energy
  28. Modernize – Solar Energy
  29. The Green Optimistic
  30. Clean Energy Ideas
  31. Energy Manager Today
  32. Environment + Energy Leader
  33. Smart Energy International
  34. Power Technology
  35. AltEnergyMag
  36. Home Energy Magazine
  37. Geothermal Resources Council
  38. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Insights
  39. ThinkGeoEnergy
  40. International District Energy Association
  41. Solar Power World
  42. World Green Building Council
  43. InsideEVs – Green Energy
  44. Climate Home News
  45. Sustainable Brands
  46. Electrek – Green Energy
  47. Renewable Energy Magazine
  48. Sustainability Times
  49. GreenMatch
  50. PV Magazine
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#3. Social Media Marketing Plan for Bedrock Energy

If traffic, leads and revenue is your goal, we would advise you keep it simple.

We would suggest focusing on two main social platforms for starting out, which are Twitter and Facebook. We believe in keeping your marketing focused so as to deliver the highest returns.

The reason why we stress on these two platforms are simple –

  1. Facebook’s organic reach is very low, but having a decent following up there, helps add to your credibility. Running some ads can get you a sizeable following quite fast and cheap. Further, you can drive the followers into a group, in which, you will have a strong reach and be able to use your group participants for additional marketing requirements.
  2. Twitter can help add to your credibility. With Twitter’s recent partnership with Google, it looks like a great platform that can deliver amazing long-run results to your business.

#4. Conversion Optimization Plan for Bedrock Energy

At the end of the day, it is not the traffic or followers that matter, but the conversions and leads.

That’s why, once you get the first three plans up and running and start getting a decent amount of traffic, you can switch up to the following plan.

To implement this perfectly, you need to ensure that you are getting a decent amount of traffic from the above plans and you have at least 2000 followers in Facebook and Twitter (total).

Plus, you should have lead magnets throughout your website and on the sidebar of your blog articles.

If that’s done, you should optimize the lead magnets and the sidebars to go to a webinar in your niche, wherein you teach your audience about your expertise. That can create an amazing funnel whereby you can convert a good percentage of the attendees into your paying customers. Running ads on this can help supercharge the effort as well.

Having a decent marketing agency aiding you in this process would be even more beneficial as that can ensure you have a decent conversion rate, otherwise you risk burning through your ad money and traffic value.

Would You Like us to help take Bedrock Energy’s Traffic to 100k and beyond?

What we showed you was just the basics. But of course, a plan is only as good as it’s execution. So, you could execute all of this yourself, or you could count on us to do it as well.

We could do so much more, such as-

  1. Reverse HARO and get experts to share their thoughts with us for Bedrock Energy’s blog,
  2. Run ads and grow your Facebook page and convert them into your Facebook group members,
  3. Use Javascript code to massively boost your twitter presence,
  4. Create leads for capture and boost your inbound marketing.

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