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The Secret Behind Consistency - What Goes On In The Mind of Inconsistent People

It's easier said than done. "What goes on in the mind of inconsistent people". Seriously?

Who isn't inconsistent in today's world?

Not me. Not you.

The thing is we all are going to be inconsistent at sometime or the other. So, what we can try to do, is be try to bring consistency into our lives as much as possible.

So the apt title of this blog post should be "The Secret Behind Consistency - What Goes On In The Mind of Us, Normal People"
The Problem With the "Consistency Is Key" BullshitMost people who spew non-sense that consistency is key are not consistent themselves.

And that's the problem with consistency. With time, your priorities may change depending on the urgency of an impending work. So, how do you manage or work with your goals?

That's what I wanna talk about here.

What Type of Entrepreneur You Are And Why It Matters

Knowing your business personality can help you choose the ideal startup for you and whether you are suited for it or not.

There is no secret recipe for you to become a successful entrepreneur. While most people who start their hands at entrepreneurship or open a business fail in the beginning, usually with persistance, you can achieve success.
However, all businesses start with an idea and if you are mad persistent about not letting that idea go down the flush, there are several introductory steps you can take before tackling on your entrepreneurship goals head on; such as, making a business plan, assessment of market opportunities and the like.
Also, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses before starting on a businesses (as such a SWOT test is highly recommended), but in this post, I want to talk about the different traits different types of entrepreneurs have and the pros and cons of each of those traits, as well as how they affect a business in its daily operation.
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