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ADHD, Meditation And Ritalin: How You Can Treat ADHD (My Story)

ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder As one grows older, his/her hyperactivity part may wither away but what remains is still ever-so deadly. This article here, is intended for three main types of audience - Those who suffer from ADHD or ADD Those who can't focus for long or have problems concentrating Those who want to boost their productivity , efficiency and efficacy. The following what you are about to read is my personal anecdote. After it, I have added some recommended books based on the anecdote, which I think you may find useful. I have  had ADHD. I have had ADD. ADHD had been my longtime friend - since I was of the age of 6. My teachers were frustrated with my hyperactivity and recommended my mom to take me to a psychologist. Fortunately she didn't recommend me any pills, and thanks to that, I didn't turn up like most other ADD-diagnosed guys. I would like to say that ADD is deadly. It is also the most misdiagnosed disease that I hav

How You Can Gain 1000s Of Instagram Followers In Just 5 Minutes A Day

My Instagram account started off a real weird way. I wanted to cash in on the growing YouTube hype and as a result wanted to practice taking videos of me and not making a fool of myself. So, I wanted a platform where I could judge what people thought of my videos and I chose Instagram for it! What’s the most important thing that you need when you want people to judge your shitty videos?  You guessed it!  Followers. However, just a side note- if you want to be an influencer, Instagram is the holy-grail starting point. In fact, in this post on 7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Went Viral , you'll find most of the campaigns (if not all) were actually on Instagram! Related : Instagram is the best breeding ground for superstar category of entrepreneurs. Knowing what type of entrepreneur you are can help you choose the right type of business and social media platform before you start. The Instagram Experiment of Gaining Followers and Engagement Simple enough. I